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At the Richard A. Sarner, Esq., we have been providing clients with Connecticut and New York Medicaid information for nearly three decades. Mr. Sarner provides guidance to individuals with disabilities and chronic illness that requires continuing medical care, including eligibility for Medicaid.

For Connecticut and New York Medicaid information, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our offices in Stamford, Connecticut, or New York City.

Stamford Medicaid Planning and Application Lawyer

Eligibility for Medicaid is based on need and subject to income and asset guidelines, which may change annually. Attorney Richard A. Sarner has extensive experience with Connecticut and New York Medicaid information; he will explain the rules for eligibility and develop a Medicaid plan to qualify for Medicaid benefits to assist with long-term medical care at home, in assisted living or in a nursing home.

Several questions may arise when seeking Medicaid benefits:

  • What is Medicaid? Medicaid is a government program based on need, which provides coverage for medical costs and long-term health care to those who meet specific financial criteria.
  • Do I need Medicare and Medicaid? Medicare covers only the cost of short-term health care. Private health insurance is also unlikely to cover the costs of long-term health care. As a result, Medicaid is often necessary to cover these costs. Medicaid does not pay for assisted living.
  • What are the income requirements to qualify for Medicaid? Income levels for eligibility change annually.
  • Is the nursing home entitled to my family’s assets if we cannot afford the cost and don’t have long-term health care insurance ? Medicaid is subject to complicated and strict rules, which will change according to the applicant’s financial assets. It is often possible to preserve assets.
  • Can I save my house ? In many situations, we can. There are special rules that can help protect the family home for many clients. The Richard A. Sarner, Esq. can advise on the best techniques to protect this important asset.
  • What is a penalty period and how does it apply to my situation? A penalty period, during which you are ineligible for chronic care Medicaid, is imposed when you have made substantial financial gifts in the five years before you applied for Medicaid.

Mr. Sarner can explain your options and the requirements for eligibility and advise you on the necessary planning to qualify for Medicaid services.

New York City Medicaid Eligibility Attorney

Do you need Connecticut and New York Medicaid information? Contact our Stamford Medicaid planning and application attorney to schedule a consultation and evaluate your financial situation.

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