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Generation-skipping trusts are an effective means for grandparents (and parents) to provide descendants with financial support while avoiding substantial estate tax for themselves and their heirs. While you can gift assets to your children and they, in turn can pass along what remains of your original gift, it will be taxed each time it is transferred. Creating an irrevocable trust, special needs trust or family trust avoids “pass through” transfer taxes. Under current tax law, up to $2 million in assets are exempt from taxation if they are transferred to a generation-skipping trust.

I am Richard A. Sarner of Zeldes, Needle & Cooper, P.C., and I consult tax experts, accountants and financial planners in creating generation-skipping trusts for clients and their families.

The financial and tax issues involved in generation-skipping trusts can be quite complicated. I have the experience and resources to help you and your family structure a generation-skipping trust customized to meet your needs. To schedule an appointment with a lawyer, contact me in Stamford, Connecticut, or New York City.

Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

Creating a dynasty trust allows you to protect assets from creditors and from the division of marital property in a divorce. While a trust can be structured so the second generation (your children) will be able to distribute funds under certain circumstances, the second generation does not technically own the funds of the trust. As a result, should your children declare bankruptcy or file for divorce, the money you leave for your grandchildren or great-grandchildren will be protected.

If you do not create a generation-skipping trust, any assets you intend to leave to your grandchildren or great-grandchildren will be taxed twice: once when you leave them to your children and once when your children leave them to your grandchildren. Creating a generation-skipping trust ensures assets are taxed only when the trust is created.

Contact an Experienced Generation-Skipping Trust Attorney

There are a number of estate planning and financial issues to consider when creating a generation-skipping trust. I will review your current financial situation and existing estate plan to complement and strengthen what you already have in place.

To schedule an appointment and learn how I can help you, contact me today.

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