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Stamford Medicaid Planning Lawyer

Offering Legal Advice about Medicare and Medicaid

Planning for your potential health care needs provides the opportunity to preserve assets for your spouse and children and avoid financial strain as you grow older.

At the Richard A. Sarner, Esq., we have been assisting clients with elder law and Medicaid planning for nearly three decades. We will review your situation to help you preserve your assets to the greatest degree possible while seeking eligibility for Medicaid and Medicare.

Contact our Stamford Medicaid planning attorney today to schedule an appointment at our offices in Stamford, Connecticut, or New York City.

Westchester County, New York, Medicare Eligibility Attorney

Consideration of Medicare and Medicaid is important to the effectiveness of your long-term health care plan. Attorney Richard A. Sarner has extensive knowledge of the complicated interplay of regulations relevant to estate planning and health care, including Medicare and Medicaid laws regarding eligibility, disqualification and appeals.

Mr. Sarner is skilled and experienced at applying these laws to your advantage, so that you remain eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, while protecting your assets.

Basic Facts about Medicare and Medicaid Benefit Eligibility

Medicare is a federal program providing health insurance benefits to people disabled, over age 65, or with kidney failure or long-term kidney diseases. It does not cover long-term care, so it is important to make additional plans for these costs.

Medicaid is a federal and state program that covers the medical costs of low-income individuals, including:

  • Low-income pregnant women, children and parents of children who are eligible
  • Blind, disabled and elderly people, or people otherwise in need of nursing home care and who qualify financially

Medicaid covers long-term care, in addition to other services not covered by Medicare. Some costs, however, may remain uncovered. Mr. Sarner will assist you determining what is and is not covered by Medicare and Medicaid and help you plan for uncovered services.

Most people assume that they will never need Medicaid or Medicare, and many never do. Unfortunately, one serious illness can make these programs indispensable to covering your health care costs. Mr. Sarner, an experienced and skilled estate planning attorney, can assist you in using legal instruments such as special-needs trusts and revocable or irrevocable trusts to protect your assets and remain eligible for assistance from these programs.

Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut, Asset Protection Law Firm

Do you have questions about Medicaid and Medicare? Contact our Westchester County, New York, Medicare eligibility lawyer to schedule a consultation and evaluate your financial situation.

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