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Protecting Your Home in Retirement – Stamford Lawyer

When people begin making plans for the future, especially if the planning revolves around retirement and long-term care, one of the primary concerns is how to protect your home.

The lawyer at the Richard A. Sarner, Esq., begins by asking all of the right questions and listening carefully to your needs and concerns. We provide thorough estate planning services that best suit your unique needs and protect your home and other assets.

To discuss options for protecting your home in retirement or when you need long-term health care, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Stamford Estate Planning Lawyer

When seeking to protect your home from creditors, we will take into account complex rules and procedures involving:

  • Medicaid spend-down rules
  • Estate taxation
  • Other expenses or liabilities

Attorney Richard A. Sarner will implement the best strategy to suit your objectives using a wide array of legal tools, including:

  • Revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts, including supplemental needs trusts (special needs trusts), marital trusts, credit shelter trusts and income-only trusts
  • “Pooled trusts” to use in protecting your home in retirement and income while still qualifying for Medicaid benefits
  • Putting your house and other assets into the name of the healthy spouse or adding children to the deed
  • Transferring interest in your house to your children, but retaining a life estate so that you own the house until your death, when it passes onto your children
  • Establishing home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) to reduce or eliminate equity

We will explain the benefits and disadvantages of all the options for protecting your home in retirement, taking into account the relevant estate planning and tax regulations. After we have created a plan that meets your needs, we will implement it efficiently and effectively so that you can have peace of mind in the protection of your home.

Greenwich Elder Law Firm

Are you concerned with protecting your home in retirement or in the event that you need long-term medical care? Contact our Stamford estate planning attorney to schedule a consultation.

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